As Northern Bangers have a photographer that is licencsed with the ORCi we fully support and are behind the FORDS Care charity.

FORDS-Care is commissioned and sponsored by the Oval Racing Council International (ORCi). It is a Charitable Company run independently by five Trustees with the help of a secretary and Friends, chosen to offer a broad range of experience and skills.

FORDS-Care is supported by the ORCi and its member Promoters through fundraising events and contributions. With their help we have been able to assist injured drivers right from the start and we’ll be doing even more as the fund grows.

FORDS operates exclusively at all ORCi tracks for the benefit of injured drivers, staff and photographers who risk injury to make our sport happen.

FORDS covers:

  • Drivers of all formulae racing on a full or day ORCi licence
  • Track staff whether paid or unpaid who are on duty on the day
  • Licensed photographers and videographers

FORDS offers:

  • A fixed rate weekly payment to all beneficiaries
  • A Hardship Fund for those who need extra help
  • The Crisis Assistance Scheme – immediate help where needed

The Crisis Assistance Scheme is here to help in whatever reasonable way is needed – to get home, to visit relatives in hospital far from home, or simply to cover an immediate cash flow crisis – we will help in any way we can.

These benefits are on top of the Personal Accident Insurance already provided by the Promoters. Benefits are reviewed regularly to offer the best FORDS can afford and with the support of Promoters, Drivers and all involved in our sport we hope to expand to offer a comprehensive package of benefits.
* special arrangements for F1 and F2 drivers who have their own dedicated Ben Funds

Click below to view the FORDS Care website…FORDS Care