Name: Chris Oldcorn
Nickname: Bitch
Number/Previous Race Numbers: 759 current number. Had a season as 812 at warton and started racing as 92 at barrow
Occupation: Mechanical fitter
Hobbies other than racing!: Darts for a pub in barrow. Used to play rugby league but  had to retire due to shoulder injuries which is strange considering i race lol.
How many years have you been racing: Started in 2000 but wouldnt say ive improved much lol
Other Classes raced:  Currently just gone out an bought a stock car if that counts lol. But never raced anything other than bangers.
Drivers/Teams you admire:  Just anyone who has the balls to race
Biggest hit given:  I wouldnt like to say theres been a few other the years but one that stands out was at warton 2ltr teams. My follow in on 252 gareth Griffiths
Biggest hit taken:  Again hard to say theres been a few with all the battles ive been involved in. But this year i raced for mildenhall against kings lynn and in the dd i received a big hit off 100 the cock which rattled me big time and still got scars from it.
Favourite track to race at: I dont have a favorite track as such as long as its open will do me. But must say i enjoyed the only meeting i did at wimbledon before it closed. Shame.
Worst track you’ve raced at: Buxton is my least favourite track due to the fact ive never had much luck there.
Track you wish you could of raced at: Would have liked to have raced at the old roosecote sandpit and definitely bradford so id love to see that return.
Best moment in racing: Dont have a best moment yet althought meeting some great friends has its plus points i suppose. But have to say if it wasnt for racing i wouldnt have met gemma.
Worst moment in racing: Dislocating my shoulder racing is up there but my worst moment was the bans i received i try to be a fair clean Racer but things can be misjudged and mistimed.
What changes would you like to see to bangers: Yeah people remembering theres no friends on track an maybe we might get more action at the supposed larger meetings.
Anyone you would like to thank: Yeah got to thank all the lads (levellers) who helped me build my cars over the years also got to say a big thank you too gemma for being supportive and allowing me the time to build the cars for racing. An also my tyre sponsor andy and linda at emlyn st tyres. Also anyone thats helped over the years too many to mention. Also looking for sponsors for the stock car if there are any out there

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