Welcome to the all new Northern Bangers website! This website is now in its 7th year and after a two year break is coming back to life. The website mostly covers the Northern Banger racing scene but that doesnt stop us travelling the country far and wide for other banger meetings. The majority of the photos are taken by either Dippy or Toward, with other albums been kindly provided by Nick Tryon, Neil Bedwell, Martin Pickford and Kevin Preston. A big thank you goes to anyone who has provided photos for the website.

We are making a big push this coming year to add more Retro albums to the website showing how the racing was “way back when”. If there are any drivers out there that have old photos in albums, we would love to borrow them, scan them in to put online and return them to you. Please get in touch if you have any. We are also adding drivers interviews this year to the website, if your are interested in having one on the website then please get in touch with us.

All contributions to the website are always appreciated so if you have some photos that you have taken and would like to see them on the website then please feel free to send them through to us and ill get them added to the website.

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